Le Chedi brie with Kai mushroom paste 250 g.

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Little Goat Farm
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A classic cow's milk brie filled with Kai mushroom 250g.

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ABOUT LITTLE GOAT FARM Ms.Kai Srikong, affectionately known as Khun Kai, is the visionary behind Little Goat Farm in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand. With an impressive academic background that includes a Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degree in veterinary science, her expertise in animal care and farm management naturally led to the creation of this unique goat farm and cheese-making venture. Nowadays, Little Goat Farm has become a favorite among Michelin chefs due to its exceptional product quality and the unique flavors created by a local cheesemaker, setting it apart from the rest. We also support local farmers by sourcing our milk from small-scale, sustainable farms in the community.