Mochi Ice - Vanilla 6pc/Pack

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Soft Japanese mochi filled with rich Vanilla-flavored ice cream, sweet, and smell 6 pc/box
Kane Mochi and new brand of mochi ice cream, MOJO was created by a small team of passionate aficionados of Japanese Daifuku with ice cream filling, known as mochi ice cream

As a result, our team founded C-Square Food and Confectionery Co., Ltd. in 2008 to make and sell mochi ice cream under Kane Mochi brand. Since then, we have been growing and perfecting our products, making them one of the best in the world.

Because of the unique texture of our mochi and the premium quality of our ice cream, Kane Mochi is loved by all kinds of people; all genders, ages, and races.

Up until now, our brand has gained a lot of popularity internationally. By expanding to countries such as Singapore, India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar, we want to make sure we give out these small bites of happiness to everyone.

We will be the best food and confectionery experience provider by seeking, inventing and producing desserts that are unique and extraordinary, within affordable prices.

In addition, our production standards need to stay at high level in all aspects, in order to ensure safety and quality for all our customers.

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