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Chanthaburi is a province that produces a variety of fruits and the most famous is durian. which is known as the king of fruits because it has a sweet, mellow taste, but even though it can produce good quality fresh durian but when it came to the harvest season, it appeared that there was a lot of produce at the same time in excess numbers that cause product prices to drop Durian prices have been in crisis for a long time. " Pa Klaeb or Auntie Klaeb " had an idea to process durian to add value and generate income in the household. By using the previous knowledge that has been processed such as Banana Chips and Potato Chips In the beginning, only available materials were used. Kitchen utensils are knives and chopping boards. Cut into thin sheets and fry, but the slicing is slow. uneven pieces When frying, there will be a problem of being cooked, crispy and burning unevenly, so it has been applied. Using a slice device (slice) got the idea from an ancient, shaved ice machine. But when the production increases. The worker is tired when working continuously for a long time, the quality will not be consistent. Therefore, it has been developed by using a slicer with a motor attached. to replace the original slice to help slice into even thin sheets “Pa Klaeb” relies on scientific methods and local wisdom combined. Always research and improve products. This makes the products of " Pa Klaeb” " have good quality, delicious taste that meets the consumer's taste. market demand It can be sold both domestically and exported abroad. Because customers are confident in the quality of products that are consistent. And management system to control product quality systematically, standardized, continually developed to ensure that the product quality meets the needs of customers. Both in terms of taste, in terms of safety, price, production capacity and packaging to be in line with both domestic and international markets, making products suitable for different markets that are different while maintaining value. and the original identity perfectly

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