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Pai Sarn Charoen
Premium Supplier

Pai Sarn Charoen was originally found in 1967 from a small grocery store in “Pakklong Talad” market, and gradually grown into the wholesale business of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. In 1980, Pai Sarn Charoen started to supply vegetables to some hotels and restaurants such as Siam Intercontinental Hotel, Hilton Hotel, and etc. Moreover, we supplied to food factories such as S. Khonkaen Foods PLC, Saha Farms Co., ltd., and CP Group. Until 1988, our company officially established and expanded more business in supplying vegetables and other food materials to the wholesale store (Makro branch No.2 and No.4), Fast food restaurants (KFC and A&W), airline catering (Gate Gourmet Co., Ltd.), and food manufacturers for exporting (CPRAM, Thai Nisshin Seifun Co. Ltd., Siam Yamamori Co. Ltd., Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd., Royal Foods Co. Ltd. And etc.) In 2004, we have our own cultivating areas and contract farmers in Chiang Mai. Nevertheless, we were the first company to innovate and apply GAP (Good Agriculture Practice) system in our onion cultivation under a very good support and cooperation from Department of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Chiang Mai University and Mae Jo University. Namely, all of our products are traceable and recorded the planting details for controlling of appropriated chemical and no residual chemical from the seeding process to the harvesting process. Nowadays, we have received more acceptance and confidence from many leading food manufacturers in supplying of our vegetables to them such as Thai Nisshin Seifun Co. Ltd., Siam Yamamori Co. Ltd., Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd., Ajinomoto Betagro Specialty Foods Co., Ajinomoto Betagro Frozen Foods Co., (Thailand) Ltd., Royal Foods Co., Ltd. and etc.

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