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What is the GHP standard? Why the switch from GMP to GHP (Updated 2020)

What is GHP / Good Hygiene Practice(s)?

GHP stands for Good Hygiene Practice(s) is the basic system at food manufacturing plants. or operators located in
The food chain should be applied. This will be able to meet the policy of the World Health Organization to provide food.
It is safe from growing vegetables, raising animals until reaching the dining table called "FARM TO TABLE" or "FARM TO FALK"

If entrepreneurs in the food chain are neglected Not controlling the work well, it can cause the food to reach the consumer.
It can be dangerous at every step. and to prevent such world health organization Therefore, the Codex Committee was established.
To write recommendations for good practices for operators in the food chain to implement. and let the auditor company
authorized to audit If any entrepreneur fails to comply, it cannot be certified. and cannot be displayed
Symbols or signs that food products can be The symbol or mark will make consumers confident that

If choosing to buy food from certified products GHP standards can be assured to eat safe food. Do not cause harm to yourself or someone you love.

Why switch from GMP to GHP?

1. Consumers have the right to expect the food they consume to be safe. and suitable for consumption
foodborne illness and food injuries can be serious. or even death or adversely affect human health.
In the long run, food-borne disease outbreaks can also destroy businesses, commerce and tourism.
food spoilage both wasteful of expenses Threatens Food Security which negatively affects trade
and overall consumer confidence.

2. International food trade And the rate of tourists is increasing. bring social and economic benefits
However, this has also made it easier to spread the disease around the world. There has been a big change in eating habits. In many countries new food production storage preparation and diffusion techniques have evolved.

to reflect this Therefore, effective food hygiene practices are essential to avoid adverse effects.
human health and the economic impact of illness Food injuries and spoilage of food
Including main producers, importers, manufacturers and operators, warehouse operators food logistics Food Manager Retailer and consumers. We all have a responsibility to ensure that food is safe and fit for consumption.

Food Business Operators (FBOs) should be aware and understand the dangers.
related to food where they are produced, transported, stored and sold. and necessary measures to control those hazards.
related to their business To make food accessible to consumers, safe and suitable for eating.

3. Consistent with creating a sustainable food business Food Business Sustainable
According to the principles of the 5 keys of the World Health Organization (WHO), they are:

• Keep clean
• Separate raw and cooked separate raw materials and cooked food.
• Cook thoroughly
• Keep food at safe temperatures Keep food at safe temperatures.
• Use safe water and raw materials

4. Food producers need to understand the consequences of these hazards on consumer health.
Good Hygiene Practices (GHP) is the foundation of controlling the hazards associated with their business.
For effective FBOs to use GHP, it can adequately handle food safety.

5. To maintain the reputation of the company and consumer safety
In some situations, GHP operations may not be sufficient. to guarantee food safety due to
The complexity of food operations and the specific hazards associated with the product. or process
Technological advances (e.g. shelf life extension through modified atmosphere packaging
Extending shelf-life through modified atmosphere packaging) or final product use.
(e.g. food products intended for special purposes)

in that case When significant hazards have been identified through a non-GHP controlled hazard analysis
The application of HACCP should be considered concurrently.

GHP / Good Hygiene Practices, what's more than GMP?

Because Codex has announced that when GHP is officially announced, whatever date. will take effect immediately
There is no time to adjust the system. Auditors attending the next audit will conduct audits according to GHP standards.

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